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Presented by Ken Evoy, M.D.
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An e-biz in every Closet...

Why hasn't someone told you
ALL about this great home e-biz before?

Is there such a thing as a dream business?

What would you think if someone asked you these questions…

  • Do you want to have fun making money by pursuing ideas that excite you?
  • Are you looking to start a great home-based business, with no capital investment and no risk?
  • Want the option of part-time, or full-time, or growing gradually at whatever speed you choose? Even build your business to the point where it pays for your retirement?
  • Or even build your business during your retirement?
  • Heck, how about something that will clear out the attic, basement or closet while you're at it?

Just a fantasy? A few years ago, that might have been the case -- only the "Net-savviest" had a chance. But not anymore.

Now you can use the Net to turn that dream into a reality. Build your own Net auction business. (But, as you will see in just a second, you won't do it in quite the way eBay would like you to do it -- no, you will be the master of your own destiny.) Move from "just browsing" to "selling" on eBay!

The Perfect Entry Into E-commerce

Sydney Johnston, a well-respected expert in the Net auction world, gives you the benefit of all her knowledge and experience in "Make Your Net Auction Sell!, The Masters Course." Sydney clearly demonstrates why the Net auction field is open, wide open, to virtually anyone... regardless of background or geographic location or Net experience.

A Net Auction business is full of opportunity for those who want -- and know how -- to take advantage of it. No, you won't get rich overnight. And we hope you are not looking for such a "rich-quick" opportunity because that is the sure road to disappointment.

However, you can build a real business online. Yes... you. The Net auction business is an easy, low-cost, no-risk entry into e-commerce. The perfect way to get your "e-feet" wet! And... you will get to meet people from around the world who are as passionate about the same collectible, hobby, subject area, etc., as you are! What other e-biz could be as exciting or more personally rewarding?

Consider the advantages of a Net auction business…

  • Targeted customers at your doorstep. The auction site does the job of attracting customers -- they're ready and waiting for you!

    IMPORTANT NOTE: You'll build your own site. That site, based on a theme related to what you want to sell, will be the foundation of your business. Far from depending on eBay in a year or two, you will use them... and you most likely will have five other ways to monetize your traffic too. This is the smart way to build an auction business. And it is all fully explained in the Make Your Net Auction Sell (this book formerly sold for US$30 -- we now offer it free, as a way to introduce you to our ).
  • No start-up costs. Selling on a Net auction site costs virtually nothing up-front, extremely little in commission, and you don't even have to buy what you sell.
  • No financial risk. If you don't succeed at first, you are not out a bunch of cash. (Although, with Sydney's help -- she makes hundreds of thousands of dollars "doing auctions" -- it will be hard not to succeed.)
  • Start up in Five Minutes! Yes, that quickly. The actual mechanics of online auctioning are a genuine snap!
  • No special technical skills required. All you need is an Internet connection, and you're open 24/7. Even while you and your computer are snoozing.
  • Work whenever you please. Set your own hours. And if you need to take time off from your business between auctions, you can.

    Of course, any business requires a business-like level of dedication and "stick-to-it-ness," but a Net auction business isn't like running a full-time online store. Being available to do repeat business is very important, but if necessary, you can open your doors just every-so-often.

No other business gives you more flexibility -- personal and business-wise -- than a Net auction business does!

Step By Step Guidance To Success

If you follow Sydney's knowledgeable advice and apply your own thought, dedication and imagination, you will succeed and generate an income stream that reflects your effort. "Make Your Net Auction Sell!, The Masters Course" shows you, step by step, how to generate great income -- you know, the enough-to-save-for-retirement type of income. The only question you'll have is why you never did this sooner!

"Make Your Net Auction Sell!, The Masters Course" shows you how to...
  • build your own highly trafficked theme-based content site, which ultimately will be the crux of your growing online business, advertise like a pro for maximum result, deal effectively with your buyers, encourage positive feedback, generate recurring sales, ship in the most labor-and-cost efficient manner (or how to avoid it altogether!), get paid without worry and avoid pitfalls or innocent mistakes
  • add several other monetization methods -- while auctions are lucrative, you can add several supplementary streams of income with very little effort.

If you want to do this right and build a substantial lasting business with real value, please realize...

A Net auction business is a "real" business that takes effort, commitment and smarts.

Most people simply start all wrong... the fast and easy way. But in the long run, they end up with nothing, slaves to "pick-pack-and-ship" for eBay. Instead...

Focus on your own success, right from the start. Use "Make Your Auction Sell!, The Masters Course," to help you build a sustainable income-generating auction business. It will reduce your learning curve to almost a flat line.

Knowledge Is Power

So... how much does this valuable 229 page resource e-book cost?

It's now FREE!

You likely arrived at this site, prepared to pay for this invaluable book. We sold it for many years at US$30.

Now, however, we have freshly updated and streamlined MYNAS!. And we outline a revolutionary approach to auctions that you won't read anywhere else, one that makes so much sense that "you will know it's right when you read it" (in the words of more than one excited auction seller).

So, how much did we increase the price of this second edition of Make Your Net Auction Sell!? Did you just read wrong? FREE?

You read correctly... we dropped the price... by 100%. We really are offering you a free download of "Make Your Net Auction Sell!, The Masters Course."

The first edition sold for US$29.95 for several years. And thousands of people loved it.

This updated, condensed, second edition is now part of our series of Masters Courses. These courses cover all the vital "must-get-it-right" issues of building a business online, using fresh, original, and valuable thinking. You won't read anything like the Masters Courses anywhere else. And, best of all, they are all free.

So why give away a book that is better than other auction books that you would easily pay $50+ for, a book that we ourselves sold successfully for years? A fair question deserves a clear answer...

We're hoping that you see and appreciate the quality of the information and the strategies in this Masters Course. We're hoping that you realize that the best way to execute those strategies is by using

No matter what however, once you read this now-free book...

You're On Your Way!

Get started on building your own business, a real business, right now...

MYNAS! book

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Make Your Net Auction Sell! The Masters Course, .
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